5 Things You Need to Know about Food Street of World Food India

Updated: August 17, 2017

Brace yourself to get your taste -buds kicking, as World Food India, an international mega food event, is providing a platform to experience culinary expertise under its delectable “Food Street’’ that will be hosted by celebrity chefs and food aficionados of the world.

Food Street is a gathering of connoisseurs and sommeliers of the world that will not just witness chef talks and recipes but will also showcase a myriad of shapes, flavours, ingredients, cuisines and more.

While Food Street has stirred a lot of excitement amongst food enthusiasts of the world, there are still some things yet to be unravelled about the mega event:

  1. Fusion Cuisine will wow your taste-buds

Yes, you read that right, a rich sensory experience awaits you at the event where you will experience a blend of traditional flavours with modern cuisine. The food street harmonizes new ingredients with conventional cuisines to create a contemporary gastronomic affair. The fusion cuisine will captivate your senses and bring them alive in the most extra-ordinary manner.

  1. You get to Savour cultural heritage with indigenous cuisine and recipes

India is home to 29 states, 7 Union territories and varied cultures. The rich heritage of India is being celebrated by the platform of Food Street that is leveraged by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, where West Bengal is gearing up to put out its best jhaal forward, on the other hand the aroma of Rajasthan Dal Baati Churma will waft into the depths of your soul and will stay with you forever. It’s definitely good news for cultural enthusiasts who vouch for traditional Indian flavours to refresh their palate.

  1. An Array of Indian ingredients and fragrances will welcome you

The event touts of diversity in terms of textures, fragrances and varied ingredients as Cheeses from Ooty, Pondicherry (La Ferme) and Chandigarh (Imperio) will be present at the event. The blend of spices from cinnamon to turmeric will drift through the halls to invigorate your senses. Those of you who have a penchant for eccentricities are bound to be entertained by the peculiarity of star anise and its rich flavour.

  1. It will be intimate and interactive

Celebrity chefs and culinary experts will not only put their best foot forward but will also be open to interaction at the event. The encounter will not just be limited to food techniques but will also talk about the food industry at large India and its evolution. The experts will shed light on the series of metamorphosis going about in the food processing sector as well as its progression in terms of new food developments.

  1. Nutrition will be an important element

Another vital facet to the event will be its yoga and wellness food that will emphasize the significance of nutritious food as well as its impetus on life. There will also be an assorted collection of “Food for Wellness” to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst spectators and to create awareness about nutritious food.

Food Street will celebrate the culmination of culture, heritage and business on a single platform at the World Food India. World Food India 2017 – the international mega food event – is being organised by Ministry of Food Processing Industries from 3 to 5 November 2017, in New Delhi. World Food India 2017 is the platform for showcasing the food processing strength of India and an opportunity to connect with international and Indian key players in food processing and allied sectors. Encompassing the entire food spectrum from production to consumption, World Food India 2017 will look at creating better sourcing environment, will emphasise on reduction of wastage, and will focus on shelf life increase, among others. All this will enable higher returns for farmers, will create better employment opportunities and will foster entrepreneurship.

Source: The Telegraph India

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