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3-5 November, 2017 | Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India




Designation : C. E. O.

Company : Groupe SERAP

Industry : Manufacturing of stainless steel equipment for liquid food, mainly bulk milk coolers

Headquarters : 53120 GORRON,FRANCE

Speaking in : Opportunities in Infrastructure, Logistics, Technology and Equipment

Global Presence :

  • Groupe SERAP is the world leader in bulk milk cooler business, with 4 factories (France, India, Brazil and Mexico) and a dealers network in 80 countries.

India Presence :

  • Groupe SERAP has a fully owned subsidiary company named SERAP INDIA LMTD, at Savli GIDC, Vadodara, Gujarat, founded in 2009, which has 90 employees and a turnover of 40 crores.
  • This company manufactures and sells bulk milk coolers for farms and villages, in all India and exportation, under the SERAP brand. It delivered and installed now, more than 2000 bulk milk coolers in 17 states of India. 100% of the equipment are made in India, from raw material and components sourced in India, with high level of performance and reliability thanks to the French expertise in this technology.

Company Profile :

  • Yearly turnover of 45 M
  • 500 employees (280 in France, 220 abroad)
  • Manufacturing of 4000 bulk milk coolers and 500 wine tanks per year

Personal Profile :

  • Eric BOITTIN is graduated as engineer and joined Groupe SERAP in 1994. He is the C.E.O. since 2000.
  • His main achievements are:
  • the internationalization of the Groupe SERAP (4 implantations abroad, 3 industrial and 1 commercial)
  • the turnover was multiplied by three since 2000
  • development of bulk milk cooler business, from the 3rd position in French market to the position of world leader
  • development of wine tank business, for premium wineries in France, USA, Spain, Russia.

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