Transforming The Food Economy
3-5 November, 2017 | Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India


Mr. P.L. Kaul

Mr. P.L. Kaul

Designation : Chairman & Managing Director

Company : Mariental India Private Ltd.

Speaking in : MSME Food Processing Sector: Global Opportunities

Personal Profile :

  • A chemical engineer, Mr. P.L. Kaul has been the president of All India Food Processor’s Association from 2004 to 2007 and it was during his tenure that the multiple food laws monitored by the multiple government authorities converged into a single autonomous body, now known as “Food Safety and Standards Authority” through an act of parliament in July 2006. Besides the food products processed from the perishable farm produce were exempted totally from excise duty. The food processing industry in India started thriving immediately thereafter.
  • Mariental India is a Technical & Engineering Consulting Company, operating as an Indo- German joint venture, offering services to thr projects in the field of food processing and agro-based industries, pharmaceuticals and fermentation based industries, environmental engineering and general process industries.
  • Mr. Kaul was the Chief Consultant for Chemprojects Design & Engineering Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi and headed the process & engineering consulting division for Chemical, Food Processing and general process industries. Before that he served as Technical Director with Combii Organochem Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi.

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